Macron calls for international coalition against Hamas

Emmanuel Macron has called for an international coalition to fight Hamas during talks with the Israeli Prime Minister, reports Sky News UK. 

Hamas has been on the lips and minds of the globe since October 7 as the Palestinian militant group carried out an unprecedented attack on Israel from Gaza. The assault killed 1,400 Israelis including several children. 

On October 24, the French President met with Israeli Prime Minister, Benajmin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog in Jerusalem. 

Macron said that Hamas should be added alongside Daesh to the list of targets that the international coalition should battle against. 

Since October 7’s attack, The French head of state expressed “full solidarity” with the people of Israel whilst also taking a tough stance against pro-Palestinian demonstrations. 

French Interior Minister Gerarld Dermamin said on October 12 that he would ban pro-Palestinian marches because, “they are likely to generate public order disturbances”. 

Despite the ban on such protests, thousands gathered in the streets of Paris, Bordeaux, and Lille amongst other French cities waving Palestinian flags and sporting keffiyehs. 

During a news conference with Netanyahu, France’s President said, “We should build a regional and international coalition to battle against terrorist groups that threaten us all,”. 

Back in 2014, 86 countries from the European Union and the Arab League amongst others formed a group with the aim of fighting against ISIS amongst other prominent terrorist organisations. 

Hamas has already been named a terrorist organisation by the EU and the United States. 

Although Macron has been seen as taking a pro-Israeli stance, he said, “the Palestinian cause must be heard with reason”. 

Following his trip to Israel, it is expected that he will head to Ramallah, a key Palestinian city in the West Bank. 

Sky News UK 

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