Israeli PM under scrutiny as hundreds still held hostage in Gaza

October 16 saw Israelis called for the release of hostages as many gathered outside the Tel-Aviv based Israeli Military HQ to demand action, according to Africa News. 

Pressure has been mounting on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netenyahu due to between 150 and 200 Israelis being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas. 

Not far from the headquarters, the Azrieli Tower had a display of solidarity with those kidnapped. 

The heartfelt message read, “Bring them home now!”. 

As criticism of the Likud Party chairman mounts, many are also calling for his resignation. 

On October 7, over 1,400 were killed in the Palestinian militant group’s unprecedented attack on Israel from Gaza, which has been in the hands of the group since 2007. 

Mona, a New Yorker who has been living in Israel for over a decade, was irate in her opposition to the long serving Israeli Prime Minister. 

The American said, “”This is what he (Netanyahu) does to us because he’s more concerned about his ego and his political career and his bribes and his … everything. His ego and his legacy. This is his legacy, blood on his hands! On his legacy, on his everything. This is his legacy.”. 

In a meeting with US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu declared that, “every member of Hamas is a dead man”. 

Another protester named Cindy said, “I am here for the immediate release and action deal to release all prisoners, all Israeli hostages,”. 

Since Hamas’ attack earlier this month, Israel has retaliated killing 250 and wounding 1,600 Palestinians in Gaza. 

The Israeli attacks attracted little condemnation, in comparison to Hamas’ brutalities, from Western leaders, who continue to say that Israel has a right to defend themselves despite the fact that the country continues to deny Palestinians’ access to food, water, and medicine supplies, a violation of international law.  

Africa News 

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