Blinken visits Israel amidst escalating tensions in region

The US Secretary of State has just arrived in Tel Aviv to meet Netenyahu just days after Hamas’ attack on Israel, reports Arab News, October 12.

Israel’s far-right Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Anthony Blinken’s visit to the country is a “tangible example of America’s unequivocable support of Israel.” 

On October 7 Iran-backed militant group, Hamas shocked Israel with an attack from the blockaded Gaza. The bombings killed thousands as tensions in the Levant rise. 

Regarding the Palestinian Islamist group, Blinken said “Just as Daesh was crushed, Hamas will be crushed,” whilst Netanyahu declared that “Every Hamas member is a dead man”.   

Gaza has been under the tight control of Hamas since 2007. 

Mr Blinken added, “The message I bring with me is this: You (Israel) may be strong enough on your own to defend yourselves but as long as America exists you will never have to,” 

The Secretary of State emphasised his support for Israel however urged the need to protect Palestinian civilians. 

Washington continues to generously support Israel, giving them 3 billion USD in military aid per annum and they have given the country around 260 billion USD in military and economic aid since the Second World War. 

Israel responded to the Hamas attacks with thousands of strikes on them in the occupied territory. It is believed that over 1,300 people have died in Gaza following October 7’s attack. 

On October 10, Vladimir Putin claimed that US foreign policy was at fault for the inflaming of tensions in the Middle East. 

The Russian supremo said, “I think that many people will agree with me that this (Hamas’ attack) is a vivid example of the failure of United States policy in the Middle East,”. 

Arab News

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