US official says deal with KSA and Israel would be beneficial

The US National Security Council Spokesman affirmed that a deal with Saudi Arabia and Israel would be beneficial for all parties concerned, according to Al Arabiya and agencies, September 29. 

Saudi Arabia has demanded that Israel withdraws from some Palestinian territories in exchange for normalising ties with the country. 

Joe Biden’s administration have been negotiating with Saudi Arabia and Israel for a certain period of time, hoping to attain what could be one of the greatest agreements in recent history. 

Under the previous administration, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain signed historic agreements fully normalising their relations with Israel.  

Following the confirmation of the deal in September 2020, Former US President, Donald Trump noted that, “After decades of division and conflict we mark the dawn of a new Middle East,”. 

Morocco and Sudan later signed the agreement, often referred to as the Abraham Accords. 

The Abraham Accords’ goal was to make diplomatic relations and trade easier between the countries as well as attempting to stabilise the Middle East. Arab League states, Kuwait and Qatar refused to sign the accords as both stated that they did not recognise Israel and wouldn’t do so until the Palestine issue was resolved. 

Saudi Arabia has been creating its own pact, which it hopes will secure a formal security pact with the United States and American support for its civilian nuclear program. 

On a potential deal to normalise ties with Saudi Arabia and Israel, John Kirby, the National Security Council Spokesman, told reporters that, “All sides have hammered out, I think, a basic framework for what we might be able to drive at,”. 

Kirby stressed that Washington would remain cautious about talking to the public regarding what the framework would look like. 

The White House official added, “But as in any complex arrangement, as this will inevitably be, everybody’s going to have to do something, and everybody’s going to have to compromise on some things,”

He also noted the benefits of a deal with the two Middle Eastern countries, one being America’s security interests, especially following multiple threats from Iran. 

Although the deal is not sealed yet, the Saudi Prince, a staunch supporter of the potential agreement, remained optimistic. Mohammed Bin Salman claimed that the deal could be the most historic one since the Cold War era. 


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