Duplicitous West puts Assad in Hague for torture trial

A human rights milestone is about to be passed with regards to human rights and the Assad regime.

The Syrian regime is being accused, in an international court in the Netherlands, of breaching an anti torture treaty, according to Reuters on September 28th.

“The World Court will hear on Oct. 10 and 11 a request by the Netherlands and Canada that it orders Syria to cease all acts of torture and arbitrary detention, as part of a case alleging the country has breached a U.N. anti-torture treaty” Reuters reports.

The hearing at the Peace Palace, the court’s seat in The Hague, will mark the first time an international court has looked at alleged abuses committed in Syria during 12 years of conflict.

Syria’s government and President Bashar al-Assad have rejected accusations of torture and extrajudicial killings in a war that the United Nations has said claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Some analysts also call the move rank hypocrisy given that the international court, despite not having the US as a member, is seen as a puppet of Washington and the West for its own means, while little or any reporting by western media actually spelling out the illegal presence of US troops in Syria, the annexation of a huge part of the north (helped by the US) and the daily theft of oil sold on the international markets.


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